Fujian Provincial ?Communication Transportation Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter  referred to as "group") is merged from Fujian Provincial Communication Transportation (Share-holding) Co.,Ltd., Fujian Materials (Group) Co., Ltd. and Fujian Commercial Group Co., Ltd. in order to establish a big corporation group specialized at port management, transportation, warehousing and logistics management in Fujian Province.
    The group has more than 20,000 employees.The group is specialized at five areas such as port management, maritime transportation, road transportation, modern logistics and commercial trading. The group owns 10 owned or holdings subsidiaries, such as Fujian materials (Group) Co., Ltd., Fujian Commercial Group Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Port Group Co., Ltd., Fujian Shipping Company, Fujian Xiamen Shipping Corporation, Fujian Automobile Transport Company, Fujian Provincial Communication Construction Investment Co., Ltd.,Fujian Orient Shipping Co., Ltd., Fujian All-trans Logistics Co., Ltd., Fujian All-trans Port Development Co., Ltd., etc.,two overseas enterprises of Huamin Shipping Enterprise Limited(H.K.), Huamin Tourism Automobile Transport Co., Ltd. (H.K.), and one joint-stock subsidiary of Fujian Meizhou Bay Port Development Co., Ltd. There group owns more than 100 companies and instituions inland and abroad. The group was ranked Number 12 in 2009 among one hundred top national logistics enterprises, which is also the only 5A logistics company in Fujian Province, and there are four subsidiaries ranked as Hundred Key Enterprises in Fujian Province. The group is the vice president of China Shipowners Association, president of Fujian Shipowners Association, Fujian Logistics Association, Fujian Navigation Institute, Fujian Materials Circulation Association, Fujian Commercial Trade Association, Fujian Cuisine Association and Fujian Auction Association.
    Fujian Materials (Group) Co.,Ltd. is engaged in the manufactural materials trading and renewable resources recovery. Fujian Commercial Group Co., Ltd. is specialized at electronic appliances, Sugar & wine wholesale, import & export of goods, which also bears the task of provincial sugar reserves. Fuzhou Port Group Co., Ltd. is the backbone enterprise in Fuzhou port. The Group takes the leader position in size and strength in marine transportation in Fujian Province. The group has three main shipping companies including Fujian Shipping Company, Fujian Xiamen Shipping Corporation and Fujian Orient Shipping Co., Ltd. They play an important role in coal transportation, container transportation and direct transportation between Taiwan Strait (including passenger transportation to Kinmen and Matsu). Fujian Automobile Transport Company is the first road transport company in Fujian Province which obtained level first passenger transport certificate. Fujian Provincial Communication Construction Investment Co., Ltd. provides efficient asphalt supply chain services from bitumen procurement, transportation, storage, processing and distribution for highways construction and municipal services. Fujian All-trans Logistics Co., Ltd. is an important carrier for the group to build up logistics system in west side of strait economic zone, and develop the third-party logistics. Fujian All-trans Port Development Co., Ltd. is the main body which is engaged in construction and operation of Dongwu port in Meizhou Bay. Meizhou Bay Port Development Co., Ltd.is an investment and financing platform, which promotes Meizhou Bay port development and construction, shoreline purchasing and storage on behalf of Fujian Provincial Government.
    The Group considers Harmony, innovation, competition as the enterprise belief , bases on the west side of strait economic zones construction, in accordance with the development strategy Three-core four lines, five innovation, relies on the Group's core resources, core capacity and core competencies, and accelerates the corporate restructuring, develops the core competitiveness, and transforms the enterprises from the traditional transportation to the large-scale comprehensive modern logistics, in order to create modern logistics comprehensive system and the comfortable and convenient passenger flow systems,which develops the leading port, expands both wings, connects the two continents, provides serve to both side of the strait. The group will provide excellent efficient and cost-effective logistics services and passenger services for the west side of strait economic zone construction, and develop gradually into an industry group to provide high efficient modern supply chain services.

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